LEGO Star Wars trading cards launch in the UK!

LEGO Star Wars trading cards launch in the UK.

For the first time UK LEGO fans can collect LEGO Star Wars trading cards, following the success of other trading card collections such as NINJAGO and the Sainsbury’s Create the World promotional series.

Making up the new range of LEGO Star Wars trading cards will be Starter Packs, Multi-Packs, Limited Edition cards and collectable tins, comprising 252 cards in total.

There are four different Multipacks to collect, each contain 2 of 8 different Limited Edition cards including Obi-Wan & Luke, Anakin & Rey, Poe & Finn, Han & Chewie.

Unlike past mulitpacks you’ll find the LEGO Star Wars one in a number of retailers including WHSmith, most Supermarkets and independent newsagents.

“We are thrilled to be working with two of the most iconic franchises for boys in LEGO and Star Wars” said Assistant Publisher Alex Coates-Newman says. “LEGO has grown rapidly over the last 5 years to become the biggest boys brand in magazines, and the longevity of Star Wars is unparalleled. This collection has been the perfect opportunity for us to expand our portfolio and move into the collectables sector. We see LEGO Star Wars trading cards being hot property for primary boys and super-fans”.

The first series launches yesterday, with regular packs priced at £1 and containing five cards.

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