LEGO Legends of Zelda coming to a shelf near you!?

This rumour has hit the internet by storm there have been talks around LEGO community sites that LEGO might have entered into a partnership with Nintendo to come up with a LEGO Legend of Zelda video game. It spread like wide fire that even Kevin Hinkle, former community manager for LEGO in the Americas, has joined in and gave his two cents on the matter over on Twitter.

According to his account, these are upcoming games that LEGO intends to announce later on through a Nintendo Direct Episode. However, due to the recent earthquake that hit Hokkaido, Japan, the scheduled stream of this Nintendo Direct episode was put on hold. As you can see from the list, a certain LEGO Legend of Zelda is mentioned.

Lego Cuusoo:

LEGO sets are an extremely popular toy for many, and with the new LEGO Cuusoo voting system, we’ve seen more and more franchises given the LEGO treatment. Cuusoo is a way for the community to vote on community ideas to be turned into an actual LEGO product. It’s one of the reasons we now have LEGO Minecraft blocks. Several different games have popped up on the Cuusoo project page, but none of them have been as ambitious as this The Legend of Zelda series.

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